Fixer Upper tackles Mid-century Mod

Confession time. I am addicted to watching HGTV design shows. Yes, I know, I don’t even own a home to decorate, nor could I likely afford most of the items they feature. But for entertaining eye candy and fueling my house of dreams I love it.

One of my favorite shows right now is Fixer Upper. Chip and Joanna Gaines are totally lovable and of course immensely talented. Who doesn’t want to hang out at their farm with their four beautiful kids and the parade of animals Chip is always bringing home?

Now in their third season, this past week, Chip and Joanna showed off some behind the scenes clips and reminisced about their favorite projects. Joanna picked an episode from season 2 where they remodeled a mid-century modern home, which regular viewers of the show will know, is a big departure from the farmhouse chic ascetic that Joanna is known for. Surprisingly one of the episodes I hadn’t seen before, it immediately caught my attention as I love a good mid-century design. I had to go find the full episode to check it out.

Take a look at the amazing transformation. If you want to see for yourself it’s episode 9 of season 2, available on Amazon.

Before exterior


After exterior


Before living room


After living room


Before kitchen


After kitchen and dining





Want some mid-century flair in your home?

I am digging these pieces from Joybird Furniture.

The Hughes Sofa – $1,849

I mean, come on, this is so cool. Bonus: You can customize in 90 colors and three wood stains.


Or this cool glass and solid wood dining  table. Hesse -$1,999




What do you think? Would you go for a mid-century modern look in your home?

Vintage Inspired Home Decor: What a glorious feelin’

I’m happy again… Just singin’, Singin’ in the rain

The other night I was surfing through Pinterest and came across this fun and whimsical picture of suspended umbrellas turned into lights.  It sparked my imagination and inspired me to come up with idea boards for Singin’ in the Rain themed living rooms.

The first thing that came to mind was mono-chromatic wide stripes in shades of grey for the walls.  I’m actually thinking a metallic or high-gloss for the lighter grey would really give a cool, water/rain illusion.  Then I had so many ideas rattling around in my brain that I ended up doing two concepts. 

First up I thought tying in the classic bright rain coat yellow would be a cool and slightly contemporary spin on the color palette for this room.  I also enjoy the idea of taking traditional style furniture pieces, such as the tufted couch below, and pairing them with a bright and non-standard color.  Other fun elements include rain boots as flower vases and a film reel side table.

Second I went with what I consider a more traditional, old Hollywood style, color palette of grey, black, and white with pops of red.  Another thing I really like about this is the mixing of textures from the plush sofa, to the industrial metal floor lamp to the classic wood bookcase.  Those are the types of pieces I feel give a room character and prevent it from looking too staged.

Would you try a movie themed room in your house?  Any decor inspirations or ideas strike you recently?  We’d love to hear what’s on your mind.

Vintage Home: Blues and Greens

Some colors have such a vivid history they seem to have a return address stamped on them. Neon pink: If found, please return to 1987. Avocado green and goldenrod: If found, please return to 1974. Nowhere is this more true than in the home. As much as I can respect the standard modern palette of cream, beige, and taupe (not exciting, but not offending), I long for the quaint, nostalgic look of colors that we do not see anymore. Watch Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House and you’ll see what I mean. Myrna Loy requests a soft, light yellow in her new kitchen. Now, I don’t really like yellow, but if I imagine those old ads for kitchen appliances featuring sparkling “modern” kitchen… soft-yellow walls, crisp-white, appliances, touches of cherry red and mint green – I get it! So, this post is dedicated to the recent lot of fabulously vintage home accessories. And, blue and green are definitely striking the chord for 30s, 40s, and 50s style.

The alarm clock that Myrna Loy woke up to… maybe
How could you not be inspired to live a life with vintage flair when you wake up to this alarm clock from L.L.Bean? It’s a real, honest-to-original-manufacturer reproduction of the Big Ben alarm clocks that were available in 1931. Big Ben alarm clocks are an icon unto themselves. These clocks have been produced for many decades with periodic, but slight, changes to the design or colors offered. The streamlined feel for the one offered in 1931 is particularly outstanding. Even the numerals have an understated Art Deco look. And, the entire palette of colors, including a soft blue and vintage green is spot on for the 1930s and 1940s.

As Carole Lombard reached for her morning toilette…

Yes, it’s functional. It’s not frilly. But, it exudes loads of bygone charm. I think the key to this lovely bathroom storage piece from PotteryBarn is that it has a matte paint. The look is not unlike the painted iron beds and accessories from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. However, one of the best parts has to be its size. At only a foot square (28 inches high), it can fit almost anywhere

Speaking of vintage kitchens…
I’m going to say it. Turquoise. It’s not just for jewelry or nail polish. What 50s kitchen would be complete without a healthy dose of turquoise? Aside from the beautiful color, this cart from IKEA has rounded corners and rotating casters like we haven’t seen since industrial designers stopped trying to balance form and function and simply outsourced their entire craft to China. 

For the timeless kitchen goddess…

A digital timer will tell you when the pie is done, but it just doesn’t have any charm. This lovely timer (sold through has enough old-school functionality to help you get the pie just right and inspire you to wax the floors like a diligent Claudette Colbert in The Egg and I. Thankfully, it also has a magnet on the back side to stick to our ugly, modern refrigerators. (Unless you happen to own a restored, modernized appliance or a vintage look alike, in which case – ENVY!)
So, that’s what I’ve been inspired by lately. There’s definitely more out there. If you find something divine and vintage-ly inspiring please leave a comment on our blog. We love a good discussion.
In the meantime, go forth. Let’s buy these adorable and vintage-inspired items. Let’s vote with our dollar and tell companies that some of us still do care about style.

P.S. If the idea of decorating your home with a “color-by-decade” motif intrigues you, check out Sherwin-Williams historic color collections for interior and exterior paints.

Retro Reimagined

A fun trend that’s coming up recently is reimagining retro items into unique pieces of art.  From photography to jewelry these items will bring a splash of retro to your life in a cool, modern and standout way.

Doll Shoe Jewelry 

When I was a kid I would lament losing all those little tiny Barbie shoes but artist Sara Gallo managed to find them and create standout, one of a kind jewelry pieces.   Seriously, check them out.  How fab are they?  I want them all.

From Sara Gallo’s website: “The Doll Shoe Jewelry Series was created for unique and fashionable women. Each piece in the series is entirely handmade from fashion doll shoes in a variety of styles and colors.”

Retro Inspired Paintings

I discovered Lisa Zador, an artist with a thoroughly captivating retro style, through a sale and fell for the quirky fun of her paintings.  Celebrating vintage toys, fancy animal portraits and a touch of creepy fun her art is truly special.

Check out all the great art in her etsy shop:  Curious Portraits

Barbie Photo Prints

Everyone’s favorite doll and fashion icon is the subject of Paul Jordan’s collection of photo prints from Hamburg Kennedy.  From the streets of Europe to a beach in the 1960s, you’ll forget that she’s a plastic doll and get transported on her adventures. 

So what do you all think?  Would you rock doll shoe jewelry or feature some retro inspired art in your house?