Mr. Selfridge – Decadent Costumes, Divine Shopping, and Gibson Girl Hair

Mr.Selfridge is arguably the most beautiful show on television right now. Yet another period drama currently mid-season on PBS, the Masterpiece series explores the sumptuous world of Harry Gordon Selfridge, who was a colorful American tycoon and creator of the famed Selfridge’s department store in the UK. Set in Edwardian London, Mr. Selfridge is cast full of deliciously beautiful women decked out in astounding quantities of silk, satin, lace, organza, tulle, and voile topped by swirling, fluffy Gibson girl hairstyles and often monumental hats adorned with netting, flowers, feathers, and sometimes whole birds. Granted, there are some handsome men too, but it’s the ladies that really capture the screen. 

Amid all of the beautiful costuming, there’s plenty of drama. All the while, Harry Selfridge creates what we know as the modern shopping experience. Ever wonder who thought to put fragrance and cosmetics at the front of department stores? Harry Selfridge! This season has 10 episodes and the second season has been approved for another 10 more. So, if you haven’t yet seen the show, go to and watch earlier episodes and the extra features before episode 7 premieres on Sunday, May 12. 

Are you watching Mr. Selfridge? What’s your opinion of the show?

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