Retro Reimagined

A fun trend that’s coming up recently is reimagining retro items into unique pieces of art.  From photography to jewelry these items will bring a splash of retro to your life in a cool, modern and standout way.

Doll Shoe Jewelry 

When I was a kid I would lament losing all those little tiny Barbie shoes but artist Sara Gallo managed to find them and create standout, one of a kind jewelry pieces.   Seriously, check them out.  How fab are they?  I want them all.

From Sara Gallo’s website: “The Doll Shoe Jewelry Series was created for unique and fashionable women. Each piece in the series is entirely handmade from fashion doll shoes in a variety of styles and colors.”

Retro Inspired Paintings

I discovered Lisa Zador, an artist with a thoroughly captivating retro style, through a sale and fell for the quirky fun of her paintings.  Celebrating vintage toys, fancy animal portraits and a touch of creepy fun her art is truly special.

Check out all the great art in her etsy shop:  Curious Portraits

Barbie Photo Prints

Everyone’s favorite doll and fashion icon is the subject of Paul Jordan’s collection of photo prints from Hamburg Kennedy.  From the streets of Europe to a beach in the 1960s, you’ll forget that she’s a plastic doll and get transported on her adventures. 

So what do you all think?  Would you rock doll shoe jewelry or feature some retro inspired art in your house?

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