Do you pine for the days of pin curls, dressing for dinner and cocktails at five?  Then this is the place for you!  Sadly though most of us live in the modern world of 40+ hour work weeks, family responsibilities and rushed dinners around the TV.  So how can we get some of that vintage flair and elegance into our modern lives?  This blog will give tips and suggestions for bringing a vintage touch to all areas of your life from fashion to cooking to home decor.
A little about us:
Kiana is a former English teacher, now a devoted wife and stay at home mom to the adorable and energetic George. 
Favorite decade: 1930s
Favorite movie:  The Thin Man
Devin is a California girl who recently relocated to Seattle and works in ecommerce as a website merchandiser. 
Favorite decade: 1940s
Favorite movie:  Casablanca
Together we are true kindred spirits.  We love shopping, literature, classic movies, food and of course all things vintage. 

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